Why DevOps Needs More Operations and Less Development

Why DevOps Needs More Ops

DevOps is about breaking down the silos between development and operations teams to create a more collaborative and efficient software development process. However, in many cases, DevOps has been more focused on development, to the detriment of operations. This post will explore 3 key areas on why DevOps needs more operations and less development.

1. Operations is the Foundation of DevOps

At its core, DevOps is about improving the software development process by bringing together development and operations teams. However, without a strong operations team, the DevOps culture and processes cannot succeed. Operations is the foundation of DevOps, providing the infrastructure, tools, and processes necessary to support the development life cycle. With operations, development teams would be able to deliver high-quality software at a much higher velocity.

2. Operations is Key for Scalability and Resilience

Scalability and resilience are essential for modern software applications, and operations are critical for achieving these goals. Operations teams are responsible for designing and maintaining the infrastructure to support scalable and resilient applications. With a strong focus on operations, DevOps teams will be able to create applications that can scale and remain resilient in the face of changing conditions.

3. Operations is Necessary for Security

Security is a crucial concern for modern software applications and infrastructures, and operations are essential for achieving secure software. In the absence of a bonafide security team, operations teams are responsible for implementing security measures, monitoring security threats, and responding to breach incidents. With a strong focus on operations, DevOps teams will be able to deliver and maintain a more secure software infrastructure.

Operations is the foundation of DevOps, essential for scalability and resilience, and security. By giving operations teams the resources, support, and recognition they deserve, DevOps teams can create software that meets the highest standards of quality, scalability, resilience, and security.