Your DevOps Journey

Your DevOps Journey

DevOps has become an essential pillar in software development organizations, with more and more professionals choosing to embark on a DevOps career journey. However, this journey can be challenging. DevOps professionals may encounter phantom obstacles that may derail them. In this post, I will discuss the four most common barriers DevOps professionals may face and how to overcome them.

  1. DevOps is only for Developers

The misconception that DevOps is only for developers is a common one. While it is true that DevOps requires a fundamental understanding of technology, networking, and systems, it is not exclusive to coders. Having an IT background, such as tech support, is more advantageous since much of the work will be spent on troubleshooting, and these skills can only be honed through repetition and experience. Additionally, various aspects of DevOps do not require coding, such as CI/CD automation, deployment, logging, monitoring, cloud orchestration, containerization, etc. Therefore, it is important not to limit yourself to a particular skillset but rather to develop a broader skillset encompassing various skills.

  1. Overwhelming List of Requirements from Job Descriptions

When job descriptions include an overwhelming list of requirements that your skillset only partially matches, it can be discouraging. However, it is crucial to focus on your strengths, showcase relevant experience, and demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow. DevOps is a constantly evolving field, and learning new skills and technologies is crucial to success.

  1. Only Top-Tier Companies Matter

While big tech companies like FAANG are popular, other options exist for a successful DevOps career. Smaller companies can provide unique opportunities for growth, learning, and innovation without all the corporate red tape. It is essential to focus on finding a company that aligns with your values and goals, regardless of size or reputation. Doing so can gain valuable experience and progress in their journey.

  1. Follow The Crowd?

It is tempting to follow the crowd and adopt popular trends blindly. However, being pragmatic and pursuing opportunities that align with your current environment is a great hack. There is no one-size-fits-all DevOps solution, and every environment is unique and different, either due to compliance restrictions, legacy tooling, or team dynamics. Being agile and adaptable is essential in this field, and as long as there is continuous improvement and evolution of the overall infrastructure, you are on the right path.

In conclusion, DevOps professionals may face several challenges in their career journey. By being aware of these obstacles and adopting a pragmatic and adaptable mindset, you can overcome them. Developing a broad skillset, focusing on strengths, and finding the right company that aligns with values and goals are important ingredients to success.