Welcome to my professional bio site!

I’ve spent a good part of the past decade working in the software industry as a specialist–more specifically Software Configuration Management (SCM) Engineer.  As a highly specialized discipline within the development community, SCM quickly became an art form perfected by the few that are passionate about it.

The most recent SCM industry wide’s “best practices” are mostly related to the ever popular topic of Agile.  I am a fan of Agile development as I believe it is the future of coding.  It is really a new attitude, way of thinking, way of doing things and much much more.  When done right, its purpose is to induce pleasure and passion back to the otherwise dull old programming methodologies.

I’ve been practicing Agile development within the discipline of SCM for several years now and have been knee-deep in the topic.  It really is an interesting phenomenon between me and SCM.  At times I really find a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction from it and yet other times I just want some distance from it.   This may be the long hours of hard work along with the vacation-deprived side of me coming through.  Then there are the management induced ulcers because oftentimes there are struggles with upper management — in trying to get them to buy-in or understand certain concept or process.  Though when the visions and goals between an SCM and management are aligned, great things can happen.

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